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Crank Jesters Halloween Howler #7 - 2019

Von 26.10.2019 13:00 bis 27.10.2019 17:30
Ort: Burnemouth
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The Saturday Cruise - AKA the Saturday Social Stour Spin - 26/10/19 - 1pm for a 1:30 roll out

As per last year we are meeting at Broadway Lane BH8 0AB (near the junction of Careys Road just past Muscliff Primary School ) at 1pm, leaving for 1.30pm for a similar but different ride. This is a nice mainly flat route – there is a push up over the “Welcome to Bournemouth Bridge” - that takes in a few quiet roads but the majority of the ride is along cycle paths or is that psyco-paths? The terminus point is the Bournemouth BMX Track hopefully there will be no racing on the day and those that are so inclined can try their cruiser on the humps and bankings. It is then on to the halfway pub stop to refresh ourselves but this is purely a drink stop so it might be an idea to grab a bite to eat before we start the ride. Continuing the ride back via the historic and picturesque Holdenhurst village (see it before the council and town planers screw it up!) and some more Stour River side riding. We should easily be finished by 4.30/5.00.

The Sunday Cruise – AKA the Creepy Costume Cruise - 27/10/19 - 10am(ish) for an 11am Roll out

Again we are keeping it simple and meeting 10am for a 11am roll out, at our traditional meeting point of Meyrick Park in Bournemouth BH3 7AG. Dont forget BST ENDS that morning and clocks go BACK.
This is what this weekend is all about, the costume ride - dig out your sad rags (glad rags wont cut it) to come and frighten the Bournemouth and Poole public.
We will ride down through the gardens to the Bournemouth Pier then along to the prom to Shore Rd, over the dreaded Evening Hill towards Poole via Whitecliff and Poole High Street to Poole Quay for our drink and food stop its then back towards Bournemouth along the shoreline of Baiter and Whitecliff Parks, to Lillputt, over “that hill…” again retracing our route back to Meyrick Park. We hope to be back by 4:30ish to allow those who have travelled to see us to get on their weary way home

Just a few rules of the ride.

there will be a Dorset Jester at the front with a Viz Vest we request you do not ride a head of the guide – if you do how will you know where you are going? Similarly there with be a Dorset Jester with a Viz Vest at the rear of the pack we ask you don’t fall behind that rider if you have an issue tell them and we will stop or slow the pack.
How will we stop or slow the pack? We will have Ridie Talkies (well they are not Walkie Talkies are they!) at the front, the back and in the pack if you need help we are here for you.
Finally Enjoy yourselves the custom bike scene is about FUN – so lets roll!

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